Mobile & Fixed DVR Recording

PointBlank (formerly Eye3 Data) provides both IrisCam body worn cameras and mobile and fixed DVR recording for Public Safety, Transportation, Towing, and Security applications, including their unique 5-in-1 Rearview Mirror, with the ability to record as many as five ameras simultaneously.


Safety and Protection is Point Blank's Number One Priority


Public Safety and Law Enforcement departments have increased the necessity for critical evidence captured by in-car video cameras. Data captured is evidentiary in nature and used for investigation purposes or in a court of law. Because of the importance of this data performance, reliability, and security are of paramount importance. Eye3Data is experienced and understands the importance of reliable and secure video.

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Our IPMobile In-Car Video solution has been instrumental in protecting officers and empowering them with necessary evidence to prosecute first time and repeat offenders.

Point Blank is a leading Software Development Company focusing on IP Video Management Solution (VMS) and High Performance software H.264 Codec for Security Applications. Eye3-Tybis is an IP video management software on the Server - Client platform that can monitor, record and control over 10,000 cameras. It is totally different from any currently existing Remote Software or CMS. It can support and manage various 3rd party video servers or IP cameras; it also can support PTZ cameras, keyboard, sensors and audio as well.

Our video management software portfolio offers you open-platform solutions that are scalable, easy to use and come with powerful administration and management capabilities. Whether your organization consists of a few locations or thousands of distributed sites, you’ll find the tools you need to improve security and operational efficiency.


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